Aztlan: Meaning and Significance

Aztlan is a symbol that has many layers. According to the Aztecs and Mexica it was their ancestral homeland before they arrived in North and Central America. To the archeologists and anthropologists this homeland is either mythical or an actual place that has yet to be discovered. However to the Initiate and Occultist the three letters of ATL hidden within the word point to the ancient truth. This is the root of both the word Atlantic (as in Atlantic Ocean) and the continent of Atlantis. We do not have to contemplate the Mayan pyramids in relation to the Egyptian pyramids for long to understand their common link.

“All of the religious teachings from primeval America (such as the sacred cults of the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs, as well as the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Scandinavians, Hindustanis, etc.) have Atlantean origins.” Samael Aun Weor – The Doomed Aryan Race

The word Aztlan exists in the Nahuatl language today and has an additional meaning of “heron”. The heron esoterically is related to the pelican in Alchemy. This pelican as depicted by the true Brothers of the Rosie-Cross was often shown tearing open its chest to feed seven baby birds. This alchemical emblem can be said to represent Divine Wisdom.

In the Hindu tradition this heron is a Swan called Hamsa which is a fabulous bird that is given milk mixed with water. The milk stands for spirit and the water for matter. Thus when the Hamsa drinks only the milk it shows its inherent wisdom.

“The goose, or even a swan, may appear unfit, no doubt to represent the grandeur of the Spirit. Nevertheless, it must have had some deep occult meaning, since it figures not only in every cosmogony and world religion, but even was chosen by the mediaeval Christians, the Crusaders, as the vehicle of the Holy Ghost supposed to lead the army to Palestine, to wrench the Tomb of the Saviour from the hands of the Saracen.” H.P.B. – The Secret Doctrine

So the Journey to Aztlan is a Journey to Spirit. Each one of us has this Spirit within and is connected with all Spirit in all dimensions. Unfortunately, for most of us, this connection has become encrusted with the dregs of our attachments and egos. We cannot receive that Divine Wisdom that is our birthright. Together we will awaken our consciousness and clean this spiritual connection so that we can again receive the Divine Wisdom from the heron which is the vehicle of Aztlan.

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