Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

Sacred Geometry & Consciousness

Why do we seek out sacred sites? Why do we pause and reflect when passing a great cathedral, a row of standing stones, an obelisk or a pyramid? For those of us who walk the Initiate’s Path, there is almost a magnetic force that draws us to these ancient structures. For those just awakening to a sense of their own divinity and connected Consciousness, these sacred sites may pose an enigma (such as the mystery of the Sphinx) that produces more questions than answers. These sites and structures have many levels of meanings, span multiple disciplines and reveal their teachings on many levels of the Being.

Pythagoras is recorded as stating: “All is number”.  Balzac expanded upon this: “The smallest as the most immense creations, are they not to be distinguished from each other by their quantities, their qualities, their dimensions, their forces and attributes, all begotten by the Number?…… God is a Number endowed with motion, which is felt but not demonstrated. As Unity, it begins the Numbers, with which it has nothing in common.”  The easiest way to understand such a universal statement is to use analogy. As I write this, millions of people on this Earth are accessing the global internet with various devices. They retrieve text, images, video; vast databases of content, analysis and knowledge. What does this growing global internet (which mimics the Akashic records) rest upon? It rests upon a binary machine code, a complex series of ones and naughts and therefore numbers. Nature is laid out in patterns derived from numbers. One of building blocks of Nature is the Golden Ratio (1.6180339887499…) an irrational number represented by the Greek letter Phi. This is one of the Divine keys to Egyptian architecture and hieroglyphics. It is at the heart of the flow of numbers up to five starting with the Primordial Scission. Phi is also the basis of divine proportion (in the bones of the fingers, hand, and forearm, the location of the navel in relation to the height of a human, in the spiral seed patterns of flowers such as the sunflower; in a spiral nebula; the proportions of fifths on a musical scale, etc. ). The knowledge of Phi has been handed down from Initiates throughout the ages and encoded in architecture, hieroglyphics, symbols, art and ceremonies. R.A. Schwaler de Lubicz, an Alsatian Alchemist, studied the Temple of Luxor in Egypt for 15 years uncovering the esoteric meanings that the Egyptians encoded in their architecture and hieroglyphic reliefs. In the Temple of Man he states:

In numbers, for example, the Duality that is the expression and definition of Unity in the ternary, includes the possibility of continuity by multiplication. This is arithmetically understandable, therefore exoteric, and it summarizes an implied meaning. Multiplication by two can be a continuous splitting into two (the Thotian principle: one, two, four, eight, equals one, as in the doubling of living cells and musical octaves), but it can also be the beginning of a geometric increase such as the multiplication of a surface (two multiplied by two, or four; four multiplied by four, or sixteen), which simultaneously generates volume and quantity (the Osirian principle). Such a function eludes the cerebral intelligence because the transition from the arithmetic unit to the geometric unit, from the value four to the square area, cannot be explained in words.  This reality is esoteric.  In order to approach this reality, we must resort to the supposition that unity is a mathematical point, therefore immaterial, without quantity, that can be both an arithmetic unit and a unit of square area – meaningless words! This ‘dissonance’ required Euclid to use ‘circular reasoning’ to define the point, and in the Gospel, Saint John did the same to describe the Original Verb.

At the heart of matter is energy. Einstein’s famous equation of  EMC2BlackSSshows the mathematical relationship between matter and energy. But there are other layers to explore. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky wrote in her monumental work The Secret Doctrine:

Just as pre-Cosmic Ideation is the root of all individual consciousness, so pre-Cosmic Substance is the substratum of matter in the various grades of its differentiation. Hence it will be apparent that the contrast of these two aspects of the Absolute is essential to the existence of the Manifested Universe. Apart from Cosmic Substance, Cosmic Ideation could not manifest as individual consciousness, since it is only through a vehicle of matter that consciousness wells up as “I am I,” a physical basis being necessary to focus a ray of the Universal Mind at a certain stage of complexity. Again, apart from Cosmic Ideation, Cosmic Substance would remain an empty abstraction, and no emergence of consciousness could ensue. The “Manifested Universe,” therefore, is pervaded by duality, which is, as it were, the very essence of its EX-istence as “manifestation.” But just as the opposite poles of subject and object, spirit and matter, are but aspects of the One Unity in which they are synthesized, so, in the manifested Universe, there is “that” which links spirit to matter, subject to object. “This something, at present unknown to Western speculation, is called by the occultists Fohat. It is the “bridge” by which the “Ideas” existing in the “Divine Thought” are impressed on Cosmic substance as the “laws of Nature.” Fohat is thus the dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation; or, regarded from the other side, it is the intelligent medium, the guiding power of all manifestation, the “Thought Divine” transmitted and made manifest through the Dhyan Chohans, the Architects of the visible World. Thus from Spirit, or Cosmic Ideation, comes our consciousness; from Cosmic Substance the several vehicles in which that consciousness is individualised and attains to self – or reflective – consciousness; while Fohat, in its various manifestations, is the mysterious link between Mind and Matter, the animating principle electrifying every atom into life.

When we walk within the grounds or halls of sacred sites, we can feel this Fohatic energy within our Being. This “Thought Divine” is encoded within the structure, proportions, hieroglyphics, acoustics, alignments, etc. of the buildings, temples, stelas and even the very layout of the sites themselves. Even without knowing intellectually the underlying meanings of these emblems and symbols we can feel the power that emanates from them. This was done by conscious design. They were built of the most permanent substances available so that they would serve as many generations possible as signposts to the awakening Consciousness. So we are drawn to these colossal artifacts left by distant Masters, Initiates and Hierophants by not just our intellect but our heart and vital body. We seek to master our senses, our Mind, our Heart and awaken our Consciousness to the Spirit that pervades all. Trodding the well-worn ground of sacred sites leads us down this Path. It awakens memories of past studies. It can help to activate chakras within our energy body and assist in awakening our Intuition. Above all these ancient sites can assist us in cleaning the connection, within ourselves, to the Spirit both within and beyond the individual Being.