What is Gnosis?

Gnosis is a Greek word which indicates experiential knowledge. The equivalent word in the east is Dharma meaning the Path, Natural Law, or Universal Truth. What Gnosis or Dharma teaches is how to experience for oneself, the universal principles which are veiled within every true mystical tradition. Genuine Gnosis is found within the stories of Jesus Christ, Abraham and Moses; behind the beauty of Greek and Roman Art; within the mysteries of Egyptian, Hindu, and Sufi culture; hidden within the remains of Mayan and Aztec civilizations, etc. There are numerous “false prophets” through out history and even today, and therefore we choose to study only the most respected personages and traditions. Gnosis as a science, art, philosophy, and mysticism leads the aspirant towards the full development of their innate potential and ultimate liberation from all suffering. The full teachings of any religion were always reserved only for the highest initiates, however, since February 4,1962 (when all of the seven fundamental planets were in conjunction in the sign of Aquarius) a new age has dawned upon humanity and therefore the teachings have become public. The full teachings, although they are ancient and universal, have been redelivered by the Avatar for this Aquarian Age. Therefore, we teach in the authentic tradition of Samael Aun Weor.


Our Mission

Our organization is dedicated to benefiting humanity by delivering these timeless principles and practices through pilgrimages to sacred places around the world. Pilgrimages have been, since the beginning of time, a way for people to directly connect to the divinities which they venerate. Therefore we follow this tradition and provide people with the opportunity to travel to some of the most revered sites across the world. Each tour includes practices (runic and yantric rites, meditations, pranayamas, more) and lectures pertaining to the sites visited. All of our efforts are directed towards the awakening of our highest potential through the cultivation of timeless virtues, the elimination of our ignorance, and the conscious work and sacrifice for humanity.

To make a donation contact us at  gnostictours@gmail.com

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