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Journey To Aztlan: Winter 2015/2016


Many people when searching for wisdom travel to India; it is neccesary to know that all of the treasures of ancient wisdom are hidden in Mexico”   – Samael Aun Weor





Aztlan is the ancient Aztec word for their legendary and mystical homeland. Later this year, we will be hosting a spiritual tour of ancient Mayan sites across the peninsula of Quintana Roo and the Yucatan. This sacred pilgrimage will begin on the extraordinary coast of Tulum; from there we will cross the peninsula towards Ek Balam and Chichen Itza, and then venture into charming Merida and the wonders of Uxmal. The tour will include:

  • Full Tours of numerous ancient Mayan sites
  • Practices, meditations, and Lectures related with Mayan traditions and overall Gnostic Teachings
  • Transportation between sacred sites and cities
  • Meals and Lodging in the beautiful cities of Valladolid, Merida, and Tulum
  • Nature Walks/ Hiking in pristine locations

More information including exact dates, lodging specifications, and  full itinerary of sites will be available soon. You will also be able to register here for the upcoming tour in the near future; however, if you are interested now, you may email us at gnostictours@gmail.com. This will surely be an adventure of a lifetime filled with life-changing opportunities, knowledge, and experiences. We hope to see you in mystical Aztlan.




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